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The pictorial language of Sandra Di Lenardo vibrates with a note of fresh and delicate poetry. It is a painting that you read and savor  with pleasure, both for the chosen topics and the mode of management techniques. Visually and musically suggests many associations: a cascade of silvery notes, a cool song of waters, the passage of white clouds in the sky.

Resident in Basagliapenta (Udine) and involved since long time in the art scene, the artist has worked extensively with oil on canvas and then moved later to watercolor. And it is with this technique that now the public knows her and with which she participates in exhibitions and cultural events.

As for the theme, the currently preferred is the nature that is captured and represented both through images in which the eye embraces the entire landscape or  dwell instead on a single object, such as flowers.

Even the latter, framed in a cinematic way, such as close-ups , expand to fill the entire surface of the painting thus abandoning the role of actors and becoming the players of iconographic investigation and philosophical reflection.

In this process are fundamental the color choices made by the author that are mainly based on the contrast between the light color of the subject and the darker background. So here is the fragrant flower blossoming in his candor, while the petals of the corolla are arranged to receive and refract light rays becoming the center of radiating light.

The same background is not only an anonymous backdrop  but it is also an integral part of the color speech: it it turns into the green, for example, embraces a myriad of shades of the same color lighting up at the same time of yellow ocher or blue or pink. These flowers are bright sunshine, graceful and elegant. They are flowers of youth, attractive in their summer or delicate in their spring just shown.

The iconographic choices reveal therefore a use of the subject in a metaphorical sense as the same is used as a "pretext" to start a broader discussion on contemporary society and humanity. For example, in the flowers painted by Sandra Di Lenardo, often there are thorns that make a contrast between them and the immaculate purity of the petals. The painter at this point suggests a comparison with human behavior,

The theme of landscape uses fine chromatic chords: the color dissolves in water and gently lay on the sheet resulting in a landscape full of magic. More than that described in this case one can speak of evocation, rather than a real landscape you can talk about an imaginary place and cherished. Are ethereal worlds, made of the same impalpable matter of the dream. In this case, therefore,  it is not important the recognition of geographical lands, forests, rivers and lakes that Sandra Di Lenardo sketches with his brush, as they are the places of the soul and the heart.

(Cristina D’Angelo)



Sandra Di Lenardo
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