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Sandra Di Lenardo lives in Basagliapenta (Udine).
Attracted to the world of art since childhood, her first award, a silver medal for a painting competition, dates back to the a school 
While keeping alive the interest in painting, she initially dedicated to photography, participating in various exhibitions.
Later, she decides to investigate different techniques: pencils, pastels, oil and watercolour, and attended master classes artistic training.
The flowers, favorite subject especially for watercolours, are coming out from the magic of water and pigment. In these magic gardens , a kind of imaginary Eden  reflects a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, enhancing some imaginary and  intoxicating scents.
The oil paintings depicting figures, landscapes and flowers images are immerged in a dreamy, mysterious figures and symbolic ancestral dances , faces absorbed in existential thoughts.
Sometimes the sand becomes the backdrop for "sand oil" bases of rough sand, in which the color sinks to emerge velvet.

Since 2001 she has exhibited her works in Italy and abroad. Her watercolors were awarded and selected for the most important exhibitions. In 2019 she exhibited in Italy, Vietnam, Finland and Slovenia. She is one of the 50 selected watercolorists for Italy group as part of the international exhibition Fabriano in Acquerello 2019. In 2021 she was selected by International Watercolour Masters 2022 / United Kingdom amomg the TOP 200 watercolourists.

She managed in the creation of various artistic events and watercolour workshops and exhibitions.


Through many years
paying dear
travelling in many countries
I went to see high mountains,
I went to see oceans,
only I didn't see,
on the step of my door
the glittering dew drop
on the wheat ear

 (Rabindranath Tagore)

Sandra Di Lenardo
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